Thursday, February 9, 2017

Amuse Top: Winter Wear Designs: One Thimble Tour Issue 14

One Thimble 14 tour has begun and welcome to my stop! I love One Thimble and the awesome patterns that goes with it! This edition does not disappoint! 

I've sewn up Winter Wear Design's Amuse Boho Dress and Tunic and I am in love with it! From the flow of the design and the length (I went with the tunic length). It is so comfy! Plus the panel in the front is great for scrap usage! I may have fussy cut mine though. ;)

I've jumped on the legging bandwagon a little late and am in need of long enough tops to coordinate into my wardrobe. For me, the tunic length is perfect!

There are gathers in the front and the option for gathers in the back. I opted out of the back gathers to conserve on fabric. The blue fabric I used was gifted and I barely had enough!

I've always been a fan of the raglan style sleeves... 

This was my first time doing a side vent. I'm so excited by the look of it, and the feel of it that I my just start hemming more of the clothes with it! and the shirt tail hem! *heart eyes emoji* 

It's really hard to take a picture of that by yourself!

I think it's super cute! The first thing I have sewn for me since having the baby (that is not costume related), and I love the fit. 

This is the first woven top I have ever made for myself. and I am pretty excited with how it turned out! 

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