Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blogger Tribe: Sunday Lately: Week 112

What do you need to do when you need to connect to some sister bloggers? Join Sunday Lately!

Sunday Lately is such a great way for us bloggers to share and see what is going on with each other!

Enjoying - They say this stage of life is one of the greatest and to hold on to it? Well, I am fighting to hold on to it so hard. I'm fighting the cranky dragon of mommyhood and trying so hard to just enjoy the kids as they are in this moment. Which of course is super, super difficult! Especially since they are full of attitude!

Delving - Back into menu planning for the week. I found a new way to keep track of what meals to do and I can add to it anywhere I am, and it is always with me!

I've tried a menu on the fridge, a framed one on the counter, one in the planner, several different apps, and lately it's been hard to keep it up. The apps are a little more confusing or, because I use mostly my own recipes, they require me to enter it all in.

I've been using Google Calendar! It's already on my phone, it's on one of the pages (is that what it's called? either way I can swipe and see it) and I use the notifications to remind me to do stuff! Which is super handy since I use google calendar this way already for other things: events with the girls, blog posts, even working on the budget. I've only been using it for about a month, but that is pretty good for me. And sticking to it.

Forgiving - Since I have been that cranky mommy dragon, I need the kids to forgive me more than usual. I need to forgive myself all the time.

Relying - What do you do when the baby doesn't sleep? The dishes have been piling in the sink, the laundry is piling in the dirty clothes baskets, the toys are multiplying before my eyes across the floor. I've been needing help. I need to have someone to rely on when I am a mombie, tired mom zombie surviving on coffee, and I can barely focus on the task of taking the oldest to school let alone everything else. This is probably one of the reasons for cranky mommy dragon. I need to be able to rely on my husband to be there to pick up a little bit of slack as I try to navigate the world of NO Sleep!

Hoping - Please baby. Please, for mommy, get some sleep! Actually, today, she has napped. Twice! SO I got one in too! Yay!

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