Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Nikolai Update

As my Dad calls them...

Nikolai is so much fun! Especially when he smiles. I love it! It just makes my heart melt each time he does it, it's great! He is becoming more alert. His tracking (with his eyes) seems to be getting better, and he seems to prefer to hold his head up when being held. He is still a little bobble head, but he is getting better and can go for longer periods before letting it rest on our shoulders. He still dislike tummy time on the mat. We just don't do it often enough.

I love this picture! It is so great! His cute little smile. I was taking pictures of him and not really looking at him. I was saying "who's my cute little boy! You're my cute little boy, yes you are!" and stuff like that. It wasn't until the picture freeze on the camera came back after taking the snapshot that I actually saw the smile. After I noticed it, it faded away (go figure). But still, I got it on camera! And it is so hard to get a smile on camera! He looses interest in smiling at you and stares at the camera like 'what is that and why are you holding it!' or 'haha, you want me to do what for that thing? Haha, nope'!

After yesterday, this picture seems like a distant memory! Boy was he fussy! Was it colic? I don't think so because he was consolable, at least distractable until he realized he wasn't crying. At least that is what it seemed like. I think he just wanted to cry yesterday. One of those days. It didn't help that I had a headache. I felt I was going to loose my mind! I tried the bouncing, the shoosh-ing, swaying, sucking, and feeding. He would eat a little, then sleep a little, then wake up and cry. It wasn't until about after 6 pm, he had a good nap and seemed to be ok.  But, it was not fun. Maybe the ibuprofen I had taken entered his system and calmed him. I feel bad for taking it, but I needed something for my pounding head. He may not have seemed so bad if my head wasn't killing me.

Today, thankfully, he has slept really well. I am hoping it wont be a repeat of yesterday. He slept 8 hours straight last night! Well, as far as I know he did. He may have woken up and then lulled himself to sleep. The reading I have done online has suggested to put them down when they are groggy, or somewhat awake because then they have to put themselves to sleep. That way, if they wake up they can lull themselves back to sleep during the night. I am not sure if that is why he sleeps so well at night, or if it is that he is just a good sleeper. But something is working.

Have I said he is no longer in newborn diapers? Little man is now, officially, in size 1 diapers! Thank you to all those that brought us diapers! We so far have left overs and did not need to buy a pack! I think that may be the case for size 1 too! That is wonderful!

He is also nearly completely out of newborn clothes! Except his fleece cover-all things. Those I guess are bigger and so he still fits into them. At least for the time being anyway. And they have come in really handy these last few, cold days. We were ones where the pipes burst on Thursday. No water till 9pm, and that is because while fixing the pipes, Brandon saw another cracked one and had to go back to Lowe's for another part. It is nice having a handy husband! :)

But... about our little man... he has been grabbing things more. Meaning hair, glasses, and forget wearing necklaces. I haven't even attempted to wear earrings. I want to keep my ears intact! All I really have are dangly ones, and those are dangerous! 

I just can't get over how fast he is growing, and how much he seems to have changed already! Holding his head, and his attention on things... It all happens so fast. Before I know it he will be walking, then off to school!

This picture, his little head got heavy and he had to put it down. Then fell asleep! He still sleeps a lot during the day. But that is ok. He needs it still.

I just still can't get over how fast they grow. It's crazy the changes that are taking place. I just can't wait till his next doctors appointment and see how much he has grown since his last one almost 2 months ago (though there is still some time). Hopefully the doctor will be happy and satisfied with his development.