Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Monkey

Did I ever say that I have a monkey for a little boy?  Well, I do. He cannot yet walk, but he sure can climb onto anything! He can climb onto the dishwasher door if you're not careful when loading the dishwasher, he can climb onto boxes (aka the one we put in the way of the XBox, so much for that). And, he can climb over the rungs on the dinning chairs. Now that is entertaining because he cannot get himself out!

Yesterday he climbed up onto the box we specifically put in the way of the XBox. He likes to push the power button on and off. Well. Yesterday he not only turned the XBox on and off, but also managed to open the tray. Boy was he proud of himself! I was not very happy though!

Last night, after I decided trying to put him to bed was not going to happen (well, more that he decided) he was climbing over the rung on the dinning chair. I could not see him, but heard him making these sad little noises. The type of noises that he makes when he tries to maneuver through a space too small for his little body. So I asked Brandon if he could see Nikolai. Brandon turns around to look, then quickly turns back towards me trying to stifle a laugh. I did not get the camera in time to capture his body over the rung, but I did get the after shots!

It was pretty funny. He managed to get out quicker than he got under the chair. Probably because he was upset. Brandon helped him get into the same position he was in when we first saw him. He is such a silly little boy!

Oh! and have I said he waves! He waves hello and good-bye, though usually just good-bye. He is so cute about it! And sometimes, he just waves.

And! He also claps! baby clapping is so adorable! I love it! I need to get that on video at some point soon! :)