Friday, November 4, 2011

Say What?!?

Nikolai still never ceases to amaze me! I love watching him grow and listening to his baby babble. It is amazing the developmental feats an infant makes during their first twelve months! I cannot wait to see what Nikolai has in store for us between now and the month and a half until he turns 1!

As for right now, I have some amazing things to say, that is if I have not said them already. I have no idea because of work. I guess I should go back and read my posts! LOL, then I might actually have some readers too! LOL

I don't remember the first time I heard him say this. But it was at least a few weeks ago. It was a few days before the jewelry party. Since then, Nikolai's spoken lexicon has grown beyond non-sense jibber jabber!

I always say to Nikolai after I am done feeding him (all inclusive: nursing, baby food and finger foods in the high chair), "Are you finished, done (with the sign)? Do you want down to play?" Well, what do you know but one day I put him down and he says play!!! I cannot believe it! He says play!!!

It is crazy! I thought once before that I heard him say "ducky" and once Brandon and I could have sworn he said "chicken, good". But it was nothing like him saying 'play' that day. Since then he says it a lot. We had a little conversation once immediately following a nursing session that took place after his afternoon nap. I put him down on the floor and again he said play. I asked if he was done, he said done. I asked if he wanted down to play and he responded, yeah!

He can say play, down, done, up, cat, hat, and yeah. There were times where I thought I heard light, but it was more like Ligh. His 'on' (this is because we play with lights throughout the house by turning them on and off, and I'll be darn that he knows where every light in the house it!) sounds like 'ahn' with that silent 'n' kinda stop thingy... Ryan probably knows just what I am talking about...

Anyway, It is incredible. Once he said play, it was like the slew of words followed! I think my Dad heard him say ducky one day while he was watching him. Apparently Nikolai had lots to say about his ducky.

And these words are in addition to the Momma, Mommy, Dadda, Daddy that he has been saying for a while now.

I wonder what he will surprise me with next?