Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After Dinner Snack Time

Ok, it was more like dinner in front of Kung Fu Panda 2. Bad parents, bad role models, I know. But every now and then is ok right? He seems to eat better when he can run off the calories after each bite anyway! He is such an active little guy!

Well, the movie was over. Super cute by the way, it made me cry (darn these weaning emotions!). Nikolai was playing with Brandon and it sounded like Nikolai said "I love you!". I have heard it before but I think it was clearer than the last time. It was so cute! Brandon was beaming! It was great!

Then Nikolai had an old stuffed turtle of mine, picked it up and it sounded like he said 'turtle'. He then brought it over to Brandon and handed it to him. He is such a good sharer with us.

During this he was signing 'more' and 'please' for food. Now, him signing these are not out of the ordinary, he has been able to do these for a while. It was more that he was saying please right after more. So it was a two word request! "more please" was what he was saying. We were so excited! It was awesome! Of course, our excited kind of put an end to the request. He got over excited too and decided he was not willing to wait for us to get the fork. He wanted to feed himself.

Ok. This was scary. But he controlled the fork very well. He even spaced his feet a little further apart before using the fork. It was pretty entertaining. I told Brandon to quickly grab the camera after he used the fork twice (this was of course after I put food on the fork for him). He was doing it all by himself! So proud of my little boy!