Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabric Stash Organizing

I have been looking and looking on pinterest to find a reasonable way to organize my fabric stash. As I may have mentioned (or not, I do not remember), I have started this Craftsy Block of the Month with my mom. It has been fun. I have also been working on the memory quilt from my high school band shirts. Just these two quilting projects has created some scraps strips. And then from my two previous quilts, I have scraps from those as well. I needed a way to organize it, that looked nice, and would somehow manage to fit into my crazily over-stuffed craft room.

The first organizational way I found was from Sew Fantastic and I wasn't so sure I liked the look of it. I do not have a TON of scraps, though I have a bit of yardage now. I don't feel this is really it for me, but I think I will keep it in mind as my stash grows, and it eventually will, I have so many projects in mind. And don't worry, they are drawn too.

I found an idea that I like, kind of using this one. :) I will get to that in a little bit...

So I continued looking and I found this website, In Color Order and found this cute picture. I loved the way the fabrics looked all 'in color order' and fairly easy to see.

Both these website are great too, offering tutorials on sewing. I had learned a little bit while looking through the websites. Fun stuff...

So, taking these two ideas into consideration, and totally not shopping with this purpose in mind. I headed off to target. I needed some more of those cubicle box things. I had organized, or at least made my bathroom look better, by using those things (also something I had found on pinterest!).

I found these nifty containers on sale 50% off! How great is that? I guess I may have gone a little overboard, but it was awesome and now all my scraps are organized by size! Plus, they are clear and I can see the colors! :) I am so excited!

I also found some of those picture storage boxes on clearance too (only 2 of them) and I think those would be great for storing some fabrics too! So far I have my solids and reds in the two that I have, but after attempting to get them to fit I had to second guess this. I think it is a great idea, but I need a lot more than 2 and I need to sort through my fabrics a bit more to figure out how I would be able to make it work.