Friday, May 10, 2013

A Special Week: Pictures!

I have really enjoyed this week, mostly. There have been some stressful moments like the 2 IEP meetings that I had, both of which took about an hour! 3 more meetings to go and then I am done! Yay! But, it was my birthday this last Wednesday; I had mommy and me pictures done with Nikolai on the 2nd (picked them up on my birthday) and we got 3d/4d picture of Baby Girl on the 7th. I think those were some pretty good birthday presents! Nikolai showed up at my work with flowers and a card, so special! I wasn't able to get pictures of that though because my phone died.
I'm just excited! I cannot believe that only 2 months left and there is going to be another baby in the house! That means only about 2 months left with just Nikolai... All the more reason to have done the mommy and my photo shoot...
Here are some of the pictures from that shoot... I wish that shirt did not shrink as badly as it did. Cannot wear it now, too short. To bad too because it was cute!


He is such a funny little boy! It was so much fun getting pictures taken with him. I am usually the one behind the camera, so it doesn't happen very often!
And now for some of the pictures from the ultrasound! I went through the video today and took some stills from it. We only walked away with 2 pictures and about 12-15 minutes on a DVD... Of course, some of that time was the tech trying to get baby girl to put her hands down. I should have just told her that I want to see fingers, and toes, and verify that she is a girl! But I did not. At least I could go back through the video and grab some stills of baby girl's smile! She even kept blinking and keeping her eyes open! It was a little crazy! She also seems to really like Brandon's voice, as she smiled every time he talked to her!
So here are some of the pictures I pulled from the video...

My mom and Brandon's mom came to this viewing of the baby and I am glad they came! Having done it before with Nikolai and knowing what it was like, I wanted to share this with family! I am glad we were able to do so! :) Nikolai had no idea what was going on and I don't really think he cared all that much. When he looked at the screen on the wall, he said she was a dinosaur (not sister), then later decided she was a hippo (not a dinosaur or sister). It was cute, and pretty funny! Loved it!
Now, to wrap up the Baby Shower gift for my friend, Brenda! I am so excited for her and her hubby Nick! They are expecting a baby boy in the end of June! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful Mother's day (if you are celebrating)! :)