Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello, Summer!

It's done. School is over and so the summer has begun! It was a good last couple of weeks of school, full of meetings, IEPs, and getting everything of mine out of the classroom and home. I will miss it there. I will miss the kids, the teachers, the people. I will have to go back and visit them when I can; show off the baby. I am sure that if I do not, I will hear about it!
It has been a while since I last posted! Nikolai and I went to the zoo, not this past weekend but the one before, with my friend Meghan and her two kiddos. It was the first time we tried to feed the giraffes and the ducks. Nikolai did well with feeding the ducks. I think he was a little scared to feed the giraffe!

Then started the last week of school. I ended up doing a show and tell of quilts for 4th grade. I was excited, I loved their responses. You work so hard to make them, and rarely get to hear the "ooh" that follows. They were working on paper quilts coloring in designs on a 9-patch. I loved it! We talked about symmetry, color, shapes, taking pride in your work. By the time I got to the 3rd class, my 'presentation' had evolved, and I probably could have turned it into a full blown lesson! LOL... When passions collide...
Nikolai had his last week with Grandparents coming to care for him, and on Tuesday (yesterday) he came to me and said, "momma no work!" I think he was a little surprised that I didn't go. But he was fairly clingy most of the day. Not so much the case today, as he is currently throwing stuffed animals out of basket and playing by himself.
I want to share the wonderful paper quilt made by the 4th grade class. I love how it turned out (and I do not even think this was the finalized piece)!
Before the squares were tied together, I found a couple that I needed to take pictures of...

The first one then led way to the design that I think I will do for the baby quilt for our little peanut on the way. Even Brandon said he liked it! He does not like the fact that it is not centered, but he likes it! :) The finished size would be 42"x42", now I am just waiting on the perfect fabric! Possibly something from the Simply Color by V and Co. for Moda... I am just not quite so sure yet...

I got the new Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Quilt Blocks as a birthday present. I love it, so easy and so fun! Sew Sweetness is hosting a quilt along with the blocks from the book and I was thinking that it would be fun to join in on the event! It goes until the end of the year with the possibilities to win some prizes! :) But perhaps I should complete some of the projects I have going first? It's so much more fun to start them than it is to finish them! :)
I think for now I will take a little advantage of the break and relax as much as a little boy terrorizing a cat will let me. :)