Wednesday, July 17, 2013

41 Weeks

And so it is... Waiting past the doctor's suggested due date and no baby is here yet.

I am exhausted. I am hot. I am done... Done.

I am uncomfortable. It hurts when she kicks. I am tired after contractions for several hours then nothing.

I am not complaining so much as just giving my reasons for being done.

It is a good thing. I get this time with Nikolai, taking all that I can because after this it wont be just him anymore.

I find that most days I pace the house and try to stay busy. But, I actually don't ever complete anything.

I did make a framed holder for bows we got from the baby showers...

I like it, it's cute. But there is no home for it yet as Samara's room is still a disaster area and the mural is not complete.


Well, today we are off to the doctor to see if I am still at 4-5cm. Hoping for change, but not expecting any... We will see what happens after today...