Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sneak Peek of Nikolai

Thursday, October 28th at 6:15 pm Brandon and I went to have our 3rd ultrasound pictures taken of little Nikolai. It was purely for entertainment purposes and seen as how we have hardly much in the area of pictures of him, we decided to go and get 3D/4D images @ Insight Ultrasound. We wanted that closer to 100% sureness that he his indeed a boy, and just wanted to get that sneak peek of what he may look like when he is delivered in December. And seeing him yesterday through the big screen TV on the wall, and his reaction to Brandon's voice was just amazing. The best part? We got 20 pictures out of it and a DVD! And this first one is my favorite. Is he smiling?

It was wonderful! If there was a way to put that 10 minute video on here I so totally would! But unfortunately, my computer is not that up to date with technology. We did though, get confirmation on the gender. The first thing we saw the moment the wand was put to my belly was his boy parts right there. No doubts about it! We got a full shot of it. So now, when people ask, is it really a boy, are you sure? We can respond with a definite YES! There is now no problem with all the boy clothes and the blue walls. 

But on top of that we got to see him! His little face, constantly framed by his hands and/or feet!  It's no wonder we got a clear picture of the gender! After watching him for a little while, we think he may have something closer to my nose and Brandon's lips. It is a guess at the moment, but we will see come December if our guess is right or not! And to top it off, he has hair on his little head! I wonder just how much, and hopefully he will have thick hair!

Poor Brandon didn't get to see Nikolai's reaction to his voice. His face was pressed up against my stomach, asking Nikolai to move his feet. Of course Nikolai was being a little wiggle worm, but the moment Brandon started talking to him, Nikolai just froze. It was so cool to see! He just stopped moving and looked like he was just focusing on Brandon's voice. The lady taking the sonogram said, "Wow, He recognizes your voice!!!" So Brandon kept talking. The moment he stopped Nikolai started back up again with the wiggles. It was enough to make me feel like I was going to cry. Just the coolest thing. I guess Brandon talking to him everyday has caused that recognition. Just such a cool thing. I wonder if I will be able to point that moment out on the DVD for Brandon. We still haven't watched it yet and I am getting anxious... :)

Here is one with his little foot covering his face. This was one of the first colored 3D pics we got. You can see his little legs crossed in front of his face, it is amazing how flexible little people can be!
This one is one of my favorites. Too cute!

 Here is another one with his foot covering his face. And the poor little thing was getting a little smushed from the wand. He looks like he is pushing his lips out too. To me they look like Brandon's lips and to Brandon, his nose looks like mine.

I am glad we got the pictures done. I will post all of them later under Photo Albums on the side bar.