Monday, May 23, 2011

Diaper Blow-Out (or) Officially Size 2

And a major one at that too! I had bought one of those big boxes of diapers from Babies-R-Us not that long ago because Nikolai was still pretty small, well smaller than he is now. I emptied half the box (126 diapers) into the diaper holder and figured we would still have time to use them, especially if he was gaining as slowly as he did between 2 and 4 months. Can I say that I was wrong?

Well, we were running out of ones fast, so while I was doing shopping for a cousin's shower I bought a huge, 252 count, box of Pampers Baby Dry diapers, thinking this should be the rest that we needed for size 1. Well, it was the rest that we needed, we hadn't even gotten through a third of the box before Nikolai started to outgrow the diapers.

They started seeping pee out during the night (he is a tummy sleeper) almost right away. So we just started using size 2 only at night because during the day he was fine. Then he started getting a little red in the crease of his bum because the diaper was too tight, too small. So we started switching during the day. One 2 diaper then a 1 diaper. But we don't have much 2s and a lot of 1s so I figured maybe if I super stretch the 1 then it wont be so small, but still hold excrement. 

Well, that lasted a little while until today. I still have the rest of the half the box in the diaper holder. maybe a 1/4 of the box still. Well, I throw one on him after his morning nap and figure it will be like it has been, still enough to hold what he lets out. Nope! Not even halfway through the box and there is no way I am going to go through the nasty mess that happened today!

I wanted so bad to cut is onsie off and just toss it! I don't want to touch it! The poopies were ALL the way up his back! Really, the picture does not do the amount there was justice! I was not ready to shower, and it was supposed to be bath day for Daddy and Baby. Well, he got the bath right after this nasty mess!

At least this means that he has grown, and hopefully is over 14 pounds when we go to the doctor. About a week and a half ago I stood on the scale and subtracted the difference of holding and not holding Nikolai, and it was 14 pounds. I hope that he is over 14. But I will say that he will not be wearing any size 1 diapers any longer.

If you know of anyone looking for size 1 diapers, I am selling the other half of the box... Here is the add on craigslist...