Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dr. Jack Newman: Breastfeeding Pet Peeves

I just wanted to share this. I found it on Facebook through Bradley Method's page. It is from Dr. Jack Newman's facebook page and here is his website http://www.drjacknewman.com/. I used this website for some ideas when looking for ways to vamp it up... I don't know what good it does to share, but it sure does make me feel a little better that there are people out there that are irritated with things. How can we go about making a change? I have no idea.

It is frustrating that breastfeeding is not more widely supported (at least here in the states, I have no idea how it is elsewhere). I had people at work give me (basically) a thumbs up when I stated I wanted to breastfeed, and yet when asked where I can express during lunch (that is the only opportunity I had) they gave me this sour facial expression and fumbled before giving me the bathroom answer. Now, I figured that would be the response, but there is only one with an electrical outlet and tough if it is in use!

I hated the fact that just because Nikolai wasn't like other babies (most likely mostly formula fed) he is considered "not gaining enough" when he is showing signs of actually being under that label. He isn't lethargic, he wants to eat, not sleep instead. He even eats when he sleeps! He is developing just fine, and is growing in length and staying in the percentile. He has regular BMs and is fine with the amount of soaked diapers. It is just frustrating to hear that we have to check to make sure that MY breast is enough for MY baby...