Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's-Birth Day

My first Mother's Day, and my birthday fell on the same day. We did not plan it to happen that way. We celebrated all weekend pretty much, and that seemed to make it all the more special! And we were able to sleep in on Sunday morning, which was nice.

Friday we went to Larry and Shari's for our Friday Night dinner and a movie. Shari had bought a cake and put candles in it for me to blow out. It was nice, made me feel special, and Nikolai seemed very intrigued by the candles! We watched Tangled, a cute movie! Glad that it was in the Redbox!

On Saturday we got Nikolai a highchair. I found it on Craigslist for $55. Normally it goes for at least 140. We probably could have gotten one from Walmart for cheaper than $55, but it was Chicco, and green. It didn't match our playpen, stroller, carseat and diaper bag, but it is cool! Now I can start putting him in it to get him used to it for when he starts to eat solids. We are only a month and a half away!

We also went out to lunch with Brandon's mom, dad and nephew. We went to Ole Mexican Grill, to try something new, take his mom out for Mother's day, and we got airline miles for it. It was good food, I was impressed, and it is always nice spending time with Brandon's parents. Isaac spent the week with them, so it made it even more special to have Isaac along. He was entertaining Nikolai towards the end, and it is so cute to see Isaac and Nikolai together. Isaac is such a good cousin!
We took my mom out to dinner on Saturday to Old Pueblo Grill. She had the avacado chicken and said it was delicious! I wish I got that instead of the smoked chicken tacos. even Brandon said his chicken salad was good. It was nice spending time with my mom, and afterwards we went over to Bonnie and Alan's to play games. we played Fact or Crap (wierd game) then Apples to Apples (I love that game).

On Sunday morning, we went to see my Grandma in rehabilitation. She is doing so much better! She even picked up Nikolai, holding all his weight! I was so impressed!  It was so good to see her, and to see her in better health!  I got to take a bunch of pictures, some of them didn't come out because for some reason I was having trouble with the exposure. The Auto setting wasn't doing well, so I went into it manually and it was a little frustrating.

From there we stopped by my Mom's to giver her a card, went home to watch Tangled again (Brandon slept through it on Friday). Then we went to Walmart to see if they had one of the colored Cricut Expressions machines (they run cheaper, but only come with 1 cartridge and they didn't have it), then looked at the newer FujiFilm FinePix (it has more options for manual settings and runs cheaper than a DSLR), and the printers (my old printer does not work with Windows 7).

We had dinner with Brandon's parents, came home and I we had a chocolate Ice Cream cake to eat. Yum. More candles, and Nikolai seemed really intrigued.

Today, Brandon surprised me with Mother's Day cards from him and Nikolai. They made me cry, especially the one from Nikolai.

I hope all the mother's and mother's-to-be had a happy mother's day as well! :)