Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend...

This last week was interesting with my Birthday, mother's day, quilting with my mom, being sick... Aside from the sick part it was pretty fun. I had an interview (yay), an IEP meeting, and we went to the movies. Not only that but we also bought a new (kinda, not really) car for Brandon. Busy week...

I will start off with my birthday because that was first. I felt bad because I feel I stole a little bit of thunder from our friend Jordan as his birthday was the Sunday before. Well, Beth (Jordan's wife and one of my very good friends) had arranged to celebrate my birthday on the 6th. It was originally planned to be part 2 of Jordan's birthday (I am pretty sure). We went and saw The Avengers! Super awesome by the way, even if you aren't a fan of the characters, the graphics, cinematography, and action were all just so incredible. Not to mention the movie was pretty humorous too! Just all around awesome! It was dinner later that surprised me. They had a cake and cards. I wanted to cry (silly emotional me). 

Then on Tuesday I had my interview for my current job. I am happy, I have a job for next year! Not a good idea scheduling it on my birthday, but at least it gave me good news! :) Brandon had gotten me a cake and I celebrated with Jacqueline and the kids (they are so funny), Carol, and my grandparents. It was good.

Wednesday I was feeling sick with a scratchy throat and baisically just being tired. I fought through the IEP meeting (the mom was happy which was good) and went home. I took some Bendryl thinking it was allergies because it really didn't seem like anything else. Well, Brandon wanted to go look at a car (a 2003 Lancer) because he wants needs one that gets better gas mileage and can fit Nikolai. We wound up getting the car later. It was a good deal and the car was taken car of. Brandon is happy so I was happy. Thursday I woke up with a fever of 100.5. I feel so loopy when I have a fever. Carol came and watched Nikolai and I feel bad because she got sick... :(

Then came the weekend. I messed up my mat, but I got to make a cool looking block with my mom for the craftsy block of the month. A log cabin but a little different. Modern. It came out nicely. We went out for dinner to Texas Road House. They have such good food. Brandon's steak was way better than mine, but I love their salads. YUM! Walked the mall to burn off some calories, then took my mom home.
On Sunday, my Husband made me breakfast. It was cute because he was holding Nikolai while he was cooking. We didn't do too much. We played on the Xbox, Nikolai napped for 3 hours. I went to Michael's and bought some stuff to resticky my mat. It was relaxing, which is what a Mother's Day should be, right? :)

My two favorite people... :)

Hope every one else had a happy Mother's day either with their moms or as a mom! :)

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