Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Can't Believe She's 4!!

My niece... It was 4 years ago that we flew to California to see the little one for the first time. She was so tiny and so little. And now. She is 4!

It seems like little time has passed, like she should still be a baby. And we celebrated her birthday on Sunday. She blew out her candles, though the wind kept trying to do it for her. The kids had a piñata. Nikolai found that interesting. Dylan had fun opening up her gifts.

I needed to get a picture all cutie-fied before she spilt kool-aide on her dress and got it all over her mouth! (which she did). I love this facial expression. She was being so silly and I was trying so hard to get her to just stand for a second!

So excited about the piñata! She took a few swings then got her picture taken. I was not really able to get a pic of her swinging! All the kids got to hit it once. And that was pretty much it, the piñata didn't last after that!

Dylan had the same birthday cake as last year. She really likes the movie Tangled. I mean, can you blame her? It is such an adorable movie! I would totally own that movie!

One of Dylan's friends had to jump in on the licking of the cake candles. I didn't get that, but got this one instead. She was hesitant because her friend was being told not to lick the candles and I think Dylan thought she wasn't allowed to either.

This last year has gone by so fast. It seemed only yesterday we were celebrating her 3rd birthday! Next year will be her 5th, then she will be off to school! Time goes by so fast!

Happy Birthday, Dylie-bug!

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