Monday, June 18, 2012

Labyrinth Lap-Quilt Top

I have finished the labyrinth quilt top for a lap sized quilt and I thought the border was too dark as I was putting it on but now that it is pieced, I really like it! Cannot wait to get it sandwiched and quilted! I just don't have enough backing for it. :( It only took me about a week to put together. I am so proud of myself! The fastest I have put together a top! It is the first pattern/layout/ truly planned quilt I have done. I love the way that it looks!

I got the pattern from my mom who purchased it from Keepsake Quilting. The pattern comes with directions for 4 different sized quilts. Very nice. We picked out the fabrics that I had left over from my band quilt (did not use much of what I had originally purchased) about a week ago Sunday. I love the colors, the way they work together and just how well it turned out! So excited!
It had a lot of points and that was pretty difficult in piecing the whole thing, but the solid parts and half square triangles went together pretty quickly. I took photos of it as I put this thing together. So excited and want to share!!! :)

Here are a few of laying them out on my project wall...

Piecing the points...

Sewing on the Border...

And again, the final picture of the Top...


  1. You should facebook our cousin Judy Byron. She has a business with quilting now. ~Aunt Doreen

    1. I know! I have looked at her page but am hesitant because I don't think I have met her. But, she does beautiful work!


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