Friday, June 8, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider...Bite

Poor Nikolai. I have been on this cleaning kick since the summer has started. I need to get all caught up on the slacker I have been when it comes to cleaning and chores. And I have gotten a lot done; all caught up on laundry, getting there with the dishes, cleaned out the refrigerator, swept, mopped and sealed the floors (still dislike saltillo tile), and I have cleaned the litter box.

In the process of cleaning and organizing laundry, clothes and blankets were moved to the laundry area and placed on the floor. Well, Nikolai was playing in them and this is where Brandon and I think the spider got into his shorts and trapped near his diaper. It was shortly after he started pulling on his shorts and diaper in the living room when we saw the spider. I didn't know it was a spider bite at the time and it didn't occur to me that this probably is what bit him. Didn't know he had a bite until I changed his diaper.

Poor thing. It is on the inside of his right leg , just on the inside of his diaper on his bottom. It made changing his diaper really difficult. He was not happy. At first it looked like a hive and I was thinking maybe a dog hair had gotten in his diaper and for some reason he was having a major reaction from it.  We changed his diaper and put some ointment on it. We decided not to put him right to bed as this was late on Monday, and instead kept him up to monitor his affected area. The swelling went down a  couple of hours later so we put him to bed. The next morning you could tell it was a spider bite. Silly bites are so weird looking, kind of reminds me of the cootie shot rhyme that we used to say as kids.

Too bad I didn't start my catch-up cleaning sooner. Poor little guy. I wanted to sweep and mop by Tuesday because the bug guy was supposed to come spray (which he did, thankfully).

It has been 72 hours since his bite and it is almost gone. It caused a rash, like a diaper rash, and that is really all that is left besides a red spot where the bite was. He doesn't fuss too bad getting a diaper change anymore. Not bad. We used mostly baby powder to keep it dry. I think the whole reason the rash started is because the moisture from the bite and the ointment caused the rash. I am just glad that he is doing better.

I think it looks like a trapdoor spider, but the bug guy said it is a river spider. Either way, it is not poisonous. He has had no adverse reaction from it at least. It was pretty scary though; I had a good cry Monday night. I can't wait when the mark it gone. I feel so bad for him...

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