Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Could be better

...and in more ways than one.

I could be feeling at the tippy top. But no, I had to fall sick on Tuesday with something funky. Don't know what and I am glad that it is pretty much over. Just the exhaustion that comes from having a fever. Yuck!
Luckily little man hasn't gotten sick! Keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way! And my Dad, he was kind enough to take of Nikolai while I was sick, and was the one that suggested I stay home on Tuesday. Good thing too, I would not want to have to run to a bathroom in the middle of a lesson, or use the classroom trash can in the middle of a lesson. Kids and teachers don't need to experience that. But it is ok, because I feel much better now, just not super. I was even able to work on piecing! :)


I found a much nicer way of doing these flying geese type blocks. I think it looks much better, and I am saving about 2 inches from the strip of fabric. Now why couldn't I have realized or figured t his out sooner?

These two blocks, the one on the left looks so much better, and it is the one that used 2 inches less fabric!
And it looks so much nicer! I am still not going to have enough for two whole blocks out of one strip of the background fabric, but that is ok. It will look a little weird, but the effect I think will still be there... Hopefully...
Hurrah for two more blocks done!

It is not going to be very big. Only about a preemie/newborn size. It's ok, cause it will still be cute! :)

My goal is to at least finish two more projects before the end of the year. Either it be the Memory Band Quilt or the Labyrinth Lap Quilt, or the Craftsy BOM. I at least want to have two more done before January...

So far with the way I have been working on things that is not going to happen. But, then again, if I stick to it, it may! :)
Happy Wednesday and linking up at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. :)

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