Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our First Overnight...

At our new house! Granted, still no refrigerator and the washer/dryer have not been moved over yet. But I think Brandon is nearly as anxious as I am to start living in the house! Nikolai loves it there. We came home today to do laundry and gather more things, which has turned into the boys napping and me doing laundry and playing on the computer. But hey, I haven't been on all weekend and need to play a little bit of catch-up!  I need to share! And I missed Valentine's Day... Almost... Brandon got me a bear, chocolates and a card that made me cry. And with the suggestion of a co-worker, I needed to do something like this picture.

I have spent most of my weekend wiping down cupboards with bleach water. I managed to get the kitchen done only because my mom helped. The smell made me nauseous. Not a good thing when I felt it kinda needed to get done! Now only the bathrooms and doors to do! I managed to do the door to the laundry room and it looks so much better. We ran out of bleach though (don't worry I really only used about a quarter cup to 2 gallons water). I guess I will by buying more...
After Friday I had all the upper cabinets wiped and Saturday I was able to get some of my dishes put away. I have to say that I love how my dishes look against the clean white of the cupboards!  I know, I am so silly. I had to take a picture of it.

So I managed to get most of the dishes put away and our glasses. I still have so much that needs to get done. The furniture (aside from the sofa) is not where it is going to be in the house. So it feels like a mess.

I am so thankful for the help we had last week. Though, we still don't have everything moved, like our beds. So sleeping there was done on the sleeper sofa. Actually not to bad. The first night was difficult, not because of the pull-out sleeper but because of Nikolai. I slept with one eye open just to make sure Nikolai stayed in his toddler bed. Of course he really did not wake up at all that night. Brandon said he seemed to get up when he was getting ready for work, but had put himself back into bed a few minutes later. A good thing about a toddler bed! They don't have to yell for you! So, sleeping after that went well!
Nikolai loves his 'Elmo Bed'. I love the way the colors work with the blanket I finished for him in October. But mostly I love the fact that Nikolai can put himself into bed and get himself out of bed. So far each morning he has woken up, come out to check if we are sleeping, then gone back into his room and played quietly. So wonderful! Of course that is only 3 mornings of sleeping in his own toddler bed. We will see later and what happens once the crib is there and in the baby's room. I sure hope his liking of the 'Elmo Bed' sticks. The stickers are now on it, so he can see Elmo on his bed! One more of him saying he was ready to go to bed...
We had fun today ( I wiped down a few cabinets, but was just tired) so I took some pictures of Nikolai playing with the jumparoo in the baby's room. I love how light the house is. It was fun for me: lying on the floor with Nikolai laughing at me. He is such a little tease! Here are a few of the pictures I took. :)

I am enjoying a few more minutes of peace. I know Nikolai will be waking shortly. :) We have our second ultrasound in 3 days! Hurray for finding out the gender of the baby! Don't foget to vote! 3 more days! :)

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