Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pushing it Back...

A little bit of disappointment. I was really looking forward to learning the gender of the baby, but things happen that are outside of our control sometimes...
Nikolai had been sick, poor thing. I do not like when he is sick because I know he is hurting and I am hurting for him. But, he is a LOT more cuddly than normal and does NOT squirm nearly as much. It is nice holding a little boy that does not squirm and squiggle. At least I didn't have to worry about taking him to my doctor's office.
The ultrasound appointment was supposed to be yesterday. They called to reschedule the appointment twice. The day before to move it back a week and the day of to move it back an extra day. I was looking forward to celebrating the gender this nice long weekend but looks like I will be taking care of a sick little boy instead. I feel so bad for him. Maybe next week will be better anyway, no sick little boy.
Poor thing has taken about 3 naps today. I came to the old house hoping to get some packing done, but instead I have spent majority of my time rocking little boy. I just hope he feels better.
On a good note, we will be getting our refrigerator tomorrow! Yay! So we can officially live in the new house! Hurrah for being able to store perishable food!
And I most likely will not be posting for a few weeks. My modem is not working well and our internet at the new house won't be set up for a couple weeks. Right now I am doing this from my phone and I am not a big fan of doing it this way. I much prefer typing!
Until next time, have fun!

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