Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are Homeowners!

I am so excited! We have the keys, the carpets have been cleaned. We have started moving stuff into the house; the dining table, three bookcases, and a ton of boxes have all been moved into the house. The main room in the house where we have spent the last 4 years is looking pretty bare without the boxes taking up a ton of space and no dining table.
It has not entirely sunk in yet that we are homeowners. Perhaps that is because we are not yet living at the house. Perhaps that is because not everything is there yet.
Nikolai loves it, he knows which room is his and which room is the baby's. He loves the carpet. The other day he ran around in circles and then took a dive to the floor. He thought it was funny.
Here are some pictures I took with my phone. :)
Here is the front of the house...
The master bedroom and bathroom... Love the tub!
The front family room (will be the kids play area) and back living room ...
The last picture I have is the kitchen. I really like this kitchen! Do not mind the lamps and furniture. We got some furniture with the house too. A computer desk that might work for us, but we do already have one. So if we get another computer...
We have been looking for a new fish tank stand for one of our two 50-55 gallon tanks and one of the pieces of furniture would be great. Another of the desks has a large table space and Brandon suggested that we cut out a part of it to drop the sewing machine into it to make a sewing table. I have to say that I love that idea! :)
And the view is awesome too! It is literally 360° views. the first picture was the sunset. I love Arizona sunsets. Here is the view to the south, and today those mountains had snow on them, just beautiful!
5 acres, and we are so excited!
I will probably post pictures of the rooms when they are done (craft room and maybe the babies' rooms.)
I am very excited to get into the house fully! :)

I am linking up at Felicity Quilts. Hope you all have a happy weekend!