Monday, March 25, 2013

A boy is now 1!

On Wednesday a good friend's little boy turns 1! But they celebrated his birthday on Saturday...

It is amazing how quickly little babies grow!

We got him some clothes, and his mommy told me that he is in 18 months, but wont be for long! So we got him some really cute stuff. It was a little hard not to buy two of everything because the stuff we got was so cute! I wanted it for Nikolai too! But I was good and didn't. Nikolai helped me pick out the items, and he knew they were for Seth saying, "for Seth!" the entire time we were shopping. :)

Instead I decided to buy some items for baby girl, how can you not with a buy one get one free sale on stuff? I think at this point I have bought way more for baby girl than I did for Nikolai.... Perhaps I should cut back on that...
It was good spending time with Meghan and her family. I haven't seen them in a while, and that makes me kinda sad because they are like second family to me. It was fun reminiscing of old times with her dad (he taught us how to drive), and grandpa (he took us out every year before school started). Heard some stories of Brandon's uncle that had died when he was young from Dad's wife, Brenda. Funny how small this world is, that we was good friends with Brandon's family when they were younger (and if you read this before I see you, she says hi to ya'll!)... :)
The food and company was good. I think Seth likes Bradon...
The kids really enjoyed the cupcakes!


Seth's big sister is getting so big! I cannot believe that she is almost 3! She is so silly!

 These guys are getting too big too fast! Before we know it, baby girl will be turning 1, and she isn't even here yet! :)
Hope you all had a great weekend! Spring break out here is over so I am back to teaching, in for the long haul of the 4th quarter... No days off or holidays to break up this long quarter and we have state testing coming up in a few weeks... :) fun stuff!
Take care!