Friday, March 22, 2013

Zoo Membership

Yeah... I caved in today when waiting in line to get into the zoo. It was incredibly busy. Thank you, Spring Break! Nikolai was not at all thrilled with having to wait in line to get in to see the animals. He kept turning around to look at me and say, "go inside? see animals?" Of course when I responded with a yes, but we needed to wait he thought that was a cue to start getting out of his stroller and head to the entrance. Some people waiting in line thought it was cute. I did not.

But it was at the same time.

He hasn't been through the zoo in a while. It's expensive and a bit of a drive. But as I was doing the math, the cost of a zoo membership for all three of us, if Brandon or I was to take him to the zoo at least another 3 times this year (until next March) we will have gotten our money's worth. If all 3 of us go, we only need about another 1.5 times. Not too bad. And it will give us something to do with Nikolai once baby girl comes along, maybe get in some parent and little man time in as well.

I decided this would be fun after spending our fun time at Brenda and Aurora's on Tuesday. He has been talking about that since and has not stopped talking about the zoo. They have this cute toy that is like a zoo...
Well, he decided to put his animals in a row (this was Wednesday), and said they were at the zoo. Why not spend a morning there? I think the last time we were there was around my birthday/mother's day. But I do not recall. That was a while ago. He is so much more aware now!
When I asked him what he wanted to see his response was, "Tigers! Elephants! Voltures!"... I have no idea where the voltures is from, but we got those three in with my two favorites, the Jaguar and the Otter. :)
And now, for some pictures of my little guy... Just because I love showing him off. ;)




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