Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Potty Time!

It feels like it has been forever since we started trying to get Nikolai to use the potty. We tried naked, only to have him demand a diaper. We tried underwear, only to have him demand a diaper and accidents galore. (don't mind the yellow on the walls in the bathroom, we haven't decided what color to paint yet)
Then I started to tell him, as soon as the diapers are gone, you have to start using the potty. So then, after every diaper change we counted the number of diapers left and talked about when you wear underwear you have to tell mommy and daddy when you have to go potty...
3 weeks later, 2 diapers left and still having accidents galore. So yesterday I decided that he needed to just be naked. He lets me know right when he has to go when he is in the bath, why not when he is running around the house? I was tired of cleaning up pee spots. 2 days of cleaning up pee spots is so gross!
I try to be understanding about him learning, and just emphasizing that pee and poop goes into the potty. But, yuck!
Then I decided, fine. I asked him if the underwear, the thick ones that are supposed to be for training, felt like diapers (he said, no potty, diaper at one point in underwear). He said yes. So off they came. He ran and sat on the toilette I don't know how many times and by himself even! He needed to poop so bad, I could tell! It was kind of sad and funny at the same time. But, he was running to the potty on his own!
He did it, on his own! He tried to carry his little potty to me to show me! He was so proud of himself! He likes his little potty. But then came the time to leave for the doctor. What to do? Stick him in a diaper and negate all we just did or stick him in underwear and pray that he doesn't pee? We stuck him in underwear!
I spaced bringing a seat with so he could use the large toilets out and about, but he did not pee until after we got home (over 6 hours without using the bathroom!), poor thing! But he did it! I gave him a high five for not peeing in his underwear (though said it was ok to use the big potty) and he loved it!
For bed he decided that he wanted to "wear underwear for a high five in morning", how cute is that?
Well, not being sure what to do, because with the accidents with those thick underwear I ended up creating a potty chart too. It goes from Monday to Sunday and has different colored 'boxes' to add a sticker/stamp/whatever works and I have it hanging on a nail above the toilet in a page protector. That way I can reuse it without having to print more. Nikolai helped me make it with the different shapes and the Dinosaurs. He loves dinosaurs! So I took off his name and added a blank line in case anyone wanted to use it, I know it is a bit boyish, but it is still fun! He loves getting the smiley faces! :)
He also gets a jelly bean. I don't like the idea of using candy, but when he was having mess after mess with the underwear I felt bribery was one of the only ways to seem to get to do it! Of course now, I think the proudness he feels about himself is enough! :) He is so stinking cute! :) We will see how today goes, day 3! :)

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