Friday, June 7, 2013

Daddy and Nikolai pictures

I loved the pictures from the Mommy and Me shoot that Jenn Roberts did for us.  We did some with Brandon and Nikolai too. Just in time for Father's day. I love pictures!

And here are quite a few of them... I had such a hard time picking some out to share with you!

Brandon is glad that I joined in on some of the pictures (actually more that Samara was there)...

I love that little boy's smile!

I am excited to think that Samara's room ideas are starting to come together! Nothing has been done beside her fan. But materials are in the process of being gathered and once we get the big thing done it will start to come together rather quickly (hopefully)...
I have started the City Sampler Sew Along over at and even though I am only 1 block in, I like what I have. Perhaps I will use this opportunity to use up some scraps? Who knows how it will turn out.
I have also started my piece for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge over at Ellison Lane Quilts. I have been following the inspiration blog hop that is going on for that too! If your interested, head over to Ellison Lane and check it out. :)
I will share more on those later. :)
I have taken a break from the Craftsy Block of the Month quilt (you know, the one from last year, 2012) because it is pieced and I have no idea what to do for the backing. I have left overs from the fat quarters and the background. I was thinking of just piecing a backing using the left overs but I might want the background for the Tula Pink City Sampler Sew Along. I am happy about how it looks, though.

In Samara news, I lost a pound according to my last appointment. I am still at 20 lbs gained, which is good. The doctor told me I need to eat. It's hard when you feel sick after eating, and yet I feel I eat all the time! Though, it is ok, according to the doctor. I go in for the third and final ultrasound on the 17th to make that she has turned. I think so, but then again Nikolai was breached up until the had to do the version and turn him. I would rather experience a version than have to go through a C-section. But that is my personal preference.
Contractions seem to be picking up. Still no consistency and no signs of pre-term labor, but this definitely is nothing like Nikolai! I swear there was really nothing with him until they started the Pitocin. Maybe she will be spontaneous? Fingers crossed and hoping.
Sorry for the long post! Hope y'all are enjoying your summer so far! :)