Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sewed Up My 1st Bag: Coraline Clutch {Swoon Patterns Swooniversary & Discount Code}

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I have been wanting to sew up a bag for a while. I just wasn't sure where to start or what to do. If you follow me on pinterest you have probably seen my All in the Bag board where it is just all bags...

The Berry Bunch: Coraline Clutch Pattern Review {Swoon Patterns}

Well, I finally sewed up a bag, the Coraline Clutch from Swoon Sewing Patterns! I love it and have already started using it for a particular purpose. Grocery shopping! I keep my lists of normal purchases and average costs in this bag! Hurrah for a bag and keeping things organized! I discovered it also holds a small wipe case and a few diapers too! So I am gonna be making a couple more! ;)

The pattern is awesome! It comes with 2 sizes: 11" and 14" wide. It also has directions for a wrist strap instead of the handles. It also lends itself to alterations. I've seen some do block work on the outside shell and a full strap.

The Berry Bunch: Coraline Clutch Pattern Review {Swoon Patterns}

I know this is not perfect. I totally messed up the handles. But, not because the directions were hard to understand. No, it was all user error. I sewed this up in a series of late nights after multiple days of with lack of sleep. Once I saw my mistake it was a total *facepalm*! Despite my error, I think it doesn't look too bad (aside from the over topstitching in white). 

The Berry Bunch: Coraline Clutch Pattern Review {Swoon Patterns}

This size was the large 14" wide one. Perfect for the cash envelope, coupons, shopping lists and everything I bring with me when I am grocery shopping. I am an avid ad matching, grocery shopper. I am not much of a coupon-er, mostly cause I don't buy a lot of what the coupons are offered for and what they are offered for, I usually buy at Costco anyway.

The Berry Bunch: Coraline Clutch Pattern Review {Swoon Patterns}

While I was out yesterday, grocery shopping with my new grocery shopping bag, I received several compliments. Yay! I cannot wait to make more!

I will be sewing another up soon to send out for the swap going on right now. I will share it with you once I can and will share what I receive. So excited! Love it!

There will be a sew along going on starting the 24th for the Eloise wallet! A cute wallet and goodness knows I am in need of a new one. 

Also, it is the anniversary of the start up Swoon Sewing Patterns and they are having a 25% off discount at the website if you use the code swooniversary (until 2/20/2014) at checkout! Awesome! I plan on making the Dottie, stella and laptop bag! So many great bags!  * discount has ended*

Head on over to Swoon Sewing Patterns and check them out. They are also having a giveaway too! *giveaway is over*

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