Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I Love to Sew: Thankful for the Ladies of the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild

There is something about the sound of the running sewing machine that sends my mind into a trance and all that exists is the machine, my hands and the fabric. It's an escape, an alternate reality of threads. When I return to the real world I hold in my hands something tangible, something that can be used and is loved.

I enjoy the sounds, smell and feel of the fabric. 

It's an escape.

The craft room is my 'mommy time' room. Most of the time Nikolai listens to me and does not enter when I am in there. But really, it is an activity necessary to complete during nap time. 

Nikolai's nap times are becoming fewer and farther between, if at all. This means that sewing time is less and less frequent as well. 

Yesterday, I was lucky. I got to head to a local quilt shop with a couple members of the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild and just sew. Socialize and sew. No kids. I managed to finish the border on Nikolai's dinosaur quilt and cut and start the piecing on the chess quilt! I got so much done, it was wonderful!

Not to mention, when I was on my drive home, I felt relaxed! I felt it in my shoulders! And, I wasn't just making something. I was taking a much needed, kid free, mommy break. I was gone for nearly (drive time included) 5 hours! That is so long with no kids! Thank you Tucson Modern Quilt Guild! And the hubby for watching the kids!

It is amazing how much more I can appreciate my own kids when given the time away...

I needed that...

There is something, a feeling that comes, from taking something plain (beautiful, but plain) and turning it into something completely different. Like sheets of fabric, cutting them up, and making an incredible blanket, or clothes. Function and beauty together. I feel proud of myself. 

It doesn't require that much thought, it comes easily, almost naturally.

I still have a lot to learn and that makes it even more fun! 

I think moms, or at least those parents who stay at home, need something for them. It is so easy to loose yourself in the midst of kids, diapers, cartoons, children's games, toys, potty time, etc. The list goes on and on. We adults need something to remind us that we are adults, that we are our own person. I sew.

If you don't sew, I hope that you have that niche or special something that sets you apart from your kids. 

Don't forget to find the time to be you!