Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Round-Up: DIY St. Patrick's Day Shirts

For the last 6 years, since the hubby and I have been married, I have bought St. Patricks Day shirts. This year was the first year where I really sat back and considered making one for the kids. I have one up and coming for Baby Girl, but as for little man I am a bit stumped. I decided to compile some of the ones that I enjoyed and thought would be fairly easy. But I guess I kind of expected there to be more out there! There really isn't a whole lot.

free image from here

Most of them are freezer paper stencils, but check them out and let me know, what do you do?

6. go the kiss me route with this Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt from Lovely Indeed

You can use word processor to type up your own image.

Here are some awesome Celtic fonts you can download for free (check it out, there are tons!)

I have lots of ideas for my little man now, and I am totally digging all those fonts and I might just go on ahead and make my own printable to freezer paper stencil for a shirt for him!

Check back later (Monday) for what I made for Baby Girl!

Do you do special outfits for your kids for St. Patrick's Day? What do you do?

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