Thursday, March 19, 2015

Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

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The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

I needed a new purse. For the last year I have been carrying the large Coraline pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns. You can see my Coraline here. I over stuffed her and pushed her past her limits. It's sad, but she needs to retire. Worked harder than most my other purses (it didn't help that I learned the hard way how to do those handles, interfacing is not the same thing as facing! Ha!)...

The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

I decided to make an Ethel. She is a great pattern. For one, she is free. A great one to get your feet wet with the way their patterns are written. I still think that Coraline is a great beginner Swoon pattern as she is easier to sew together aside from the handles, read carefully. :) But the Ethel tote is lovely!

The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

I used some fabric that was given to me by a mentor mom in MOPS. It was one in a box of beauties. I new, once I looked at it that it needed to be made into a bag.

The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

I lined the pocket up perfectly. I love how the pattern just continues. Simple solid lining. I just used muslin, as the color matched the blues in the outer lining.

The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

She makes me want to make more bags!

The Berry Bunch: Swoon Sewing Patterns: Ethel Tote

You know what's exciting?

12 of the popular bags are bundled together, the Swoon Favorites Collection for 38.95! Now, I am a math person. I like to know what I am saving if I am saving anything. The bags, if bought separately, cost about 71.40. That is a little bit less than half off! Awesome!

There is also another subscription option, Swoon Vintage Collection where you can get the next 12 patterns as they are released! How exciting is that? It's the same as the Swoon Favorites Collection cost. It was supposed to be the patterns she was going to release with a book, but the book fell through so she is doing it this way instead! The first one is already released! Swoon Vintage Collection

I love her subscription, I did the last one and loved it! I think I might be asking for this one for my birthday and mother's day! ;)

Happy Sewing!


  1. Great job! It definitely looks store bought!

    1. Thank you, Sara! I have been loving carrying this purse around with me! :D


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