Monday, July 27, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Kids Part 2 {Girls Printable Wardrobe Planner}

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Let's face it. I am not that great when it comes to figuring out the little girl's clothes. Planning her wardrobe? I seem at a complete loss. But I have a printable version like my little boy's printable planner, but for girls. 
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Check out the girls version here: Wardrobe Planner for Girls - Fall/Winter

This one has been a greater work in progress. Maybe because she is still little, potty training with regular accidents, and has to change her clothes 3-4 times daily. Really?!? What is up with that? She is so darn picky when it comes to her clothes! The child will pick something out and screech bloody murder to get it off with no idea why. This, of course, is when I can manage to get her into clothes in the first place.

But, aside from her strange wardrobe aversions (which I have yet to discover the specifics), I have created this bare bones idea of what a little girl needs in her closet. 

I may need to change the numbers to double just to account for her accidents, carrying extra clothes and daily wardrobe changes.

After going through her clothes (so far, I'm not even close to being done!), taking away what she refuses to wear, and boxing up what doesn't fit...

What I still need to create:

2 pairs of pants: Skinny Jeans by PAB (affiliate links), she loves her bootcut jeans from Old Navy - Looking for a pdf!
1 mid-heavy weight sweater: (haven't decided yet, suggestions?)
1 fancy dress: Holly and Ivy by GYCT Designs (affiliate links)
2 long sleeve: Tinley Tee and Rival Raglan by GYCT Designs (affiliate links)
(maybe) Blazer/dress jacket: Winter Wear Designs Phresh Blazer

Really, that's it. I could hold off on the dress and the sweater. I would like to do the blazer because it's nice to have, and she loved her old one (which she outgrew so fast!)

Honestly thought. I have 4 drawers of clothes filled (mostly shirts) with sizes 12 months to 3T, a closet filled with dresses 24 months to 5T, and a drawer that is for pajamas alone sizes 12 months to 3T. Granted some of the clothes don't fit yet and some of the 12 month stuff no longer does fit! I just need to be more diligent with taking things out that she doesn't wear and doesn't fit. So far I have removed a small diaper box of clothes... Just need to keep chipping away! :)

Share your thoughts:

Do you just shop/sew for your kids clothes? Or do you put together a plan before you start sewing/take a trip to the store?

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  1. Jessi, I think she may have inherited her clothes aversion from Carol! Although Jenn had similar aversion...something to do with textures. Kids are funny!


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