Monday, November 30, 2015

Measurement Tracker: Sewing for Kids

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The Black Friday sales that have lasted the weekend has been something super incredible! I have so many things I want to get and so many things I want to sew! But, I'm constantly loosing my kiddo's measurements and I don't like having to retake them over and over and over again!

I decided to make this simple measurement tracker! Each page has room for up to 3 measurements. I decided to use this to update as they grow. Each sections has:
Date and age, height and torso, chest and sleeve, waist and hip, inseam and outseam

I keep my printed out patterns in a hanging file folder with each pattern in a manila envelope and categorized by designer. I just keep these sheets in the front (printed on cardstock for durability). You can also color coordinate the measurement and mark them on the little man using colored pencils. I think when I next update the measurements I will do that!

Perfect for all those new patterns purchased during the black friday sales this weekend!


Some of my affiliates are having sales too! Check them out as they soon end!

Their sale ends today! So better hurry and grab those patterns! I know I have a bunch in my wishlists, such an awesome feature too! Share your wishlist with a family member, or use it to keep track of patterns you want! 

Their sale ends tomorrow! No codes are necessary ad the discount gets applied when you go to check out! I really want the happily ever after dress! I know little lady would love playing dress up with that dress!

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