Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paraplu: Bartowski Slim Tie {Pattern Test}

I am so honored that I got to test the first pattern for the new pdf designer over at Paraplu!

I set out to sew a tie last Christmas season but the husband wasn't too happy that the sewing patterns that I had found weren't real ties but those ones that clasp together under the collar. So I skipped it and just bought a slack and shirt set from Walmart.

I saw this pattern test call and had to jump on it! The pattern designer blogs over at Mae & K and was one of the co-starters for the awesome CraftingCon! She is seriously, just awesome!

The Bartowski Slim Tie... Awesome!

Usually we tie the Pratt Knot on husband's ties, but for this one I had fun with the Full Windsor.

I had fun with the Holiday Fabric and cannot wait to make him at least one more. ;) Here is the back too!

And now, I'm thinking my poor shaggy boy needs a haircut... But he is so darn cute with his hair and button-up and tie!

Ah, I made a tie!

Check out the Swhetty Bettie's blog for a discount too! 15% off!

Happy Sewing!

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