Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Lately {Week 59}

Me, being the follower that I am, used the prompts that was supposed to be for this week - last week. So I am using the prompts for last week - this week. Confused? I feel confused. My poor mush of a brain! Babies turn your brain to mush! 
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I have been creating nothing. I have an incredible urge to sew and no time nor the energy to do it. Not to mention we have been running rampant just to get appointments in, errands, and tons of other things done. I really want to do the diaper bag that I have planned for the baby. I'm tired of the big huge thing, but I am worried that the one I have planned out and have started cutting will be big and huge too. I am not a fan of big huge bags. But I am in love with this fabric! I got it from a friend. I am planning on doing the Swoon Vivian Traveler Bag (affiliate link) and had gotten half of it cut out before lil' munchkin came...


It is going to be hard finding time to do a lot of things. Starting tomorrow I am going to be on my own with all three kids. I haven't done anything this past week and am a bit scared to be on my own. I have a ton of dishes to play catch up with, a bunch of laundry that needs cleaned. I am in need of nursing shirts horribly. And we need to start pulling everything out of the craft room and office so we can go through it all and combine them to make the baby's room hers. So much to do! Honestly, I scared what we might find in the craft room. It has been a messy bottomless pit of a room for a while! 

Finding time with family this week was great. Most birthdays with our family seem to come in pairs. My brother's was the 12th and my sister-in-law's was the 13th. We took them out for dinner on their birthdays and it was great spending time with each of them. I know by the end I was winding down and was super tired (I slept in this morning, between feedings of course). I just hope that they enjoyed themselves too!


I am in the process of switching things around (not for the rooms, though that is something we really need to do) but of our payments for bills. We paid off my school loan this last week (YAY!!!) and I am getting ready to snow ball that payment onto another bill. Yay! one step closer to becoming debt free! Still a long way to go, but it'll be great when we finally get there! I am beyond excited! 

Oh, and Husband asked me to fold his clothes so they can go into the drawer all organized like the kids and mine are. KonMari for the win with that one! Super excited! And that means his clothes might get closer to actually being put away instead of just draped over his drawers... We will see! But that made me super happy! 


I know I am forgetting something! I forget tons of things and lately my brain feels like mush! I have not done a single thing for my bible study these last two weeks. I know a baby is a fairly decent excuse, but I should still be spending time on the bible study. God will forgive me. The ladies will understand. I just miss the time. I totally spaced sharing my dress with the "For the Love of Tunics and Dresses" tour on instagram! I felt so bad! I made a check off sheet in my planner just so I wouldn't forget and I didn't even use that. I should have! 

I am sure there is more that I am forgetting, but I don't know what it is! As long as I don't forget the doctor appointments this week, we are good!


I am craving red meat. Burgers, meatloaf, steak. We had spaghetti squash for dinner the other night, I walked Husband through the process, and I wanted some steak to go with it so badly. I am sure that I am still in need of the iron from it and that is why the cravings for the red meat. Oh, and spinach! I just want a huge plate of fresh spinach. I don't need dressing or cheese or anything else! Just spinach! Mmm, sounds so good...

and now...
I am going to go through each item of clothing before I put them back into the dryer. found a crayon in the bottom of the washing machine. I do not want to have to ruin my 'fairly new to me' dryer because of a silly crayon, or any of Little S' clothes... Life with kids... Never a dull moment! 

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