Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Lately {Week 60}

This week has been a crazy week! We have had something going on every day this week!

I am working on completing my capsule wardrobe, but I feel like it is more of a dream instead of something that will come to fruition.
I used polyvore (mostly cause I was bored but didn't want to get my gum off the couch). That website is taking some getting used to for me. And I am thinking that pants are never gonna happen... But here they are so far.

Once I get some energy to sew, I look forward to having some nursing friendly outfits that will look cute too. This is not going to become accomplished in the crazy wardrobe in a week that is going on with the capsule sew along group! I wish I could, but there is just no way... Those ladies are crazy! Crazy and awesome!

I took the kids to see my grandmother this week. She had not seen the newest addition to the family and being on her side of town, I thought it would be nice. She even got to hold the baby! I wish I took a picture.

There was also a bridal shower for a cousin that I got to attend this weekend. We are so excited for them! And getting to see cousins is always fantastic. The theme was Alice in Wonderland's tea party. The table decorations, and everything, was awesome! I wish I took pictures there too. Cousins and Aunts looked so beautiful.

^^ I have no idea why the font went weird here^^

Sleepless nights... I am repeating the sleepless nights. I miss sleep. I miss feeling rested. It amazing what little amount of sleep moms need with newborns.

I finally finished writing the post about baby 3's birth story. I am so happy to finally have that out! Now, once I forget I can go back and read it.

I need to start working time for me back into my daily schedule. I used to have my entire day planned out, from laundry and dishes to computer and sewing time. I need to get back to that. It's part of my "Being Intentional" ... When I did this, I got stuff done. I just need to get back into that groove! I must be crazy, to plan out my entire day this way. But that's what the planner is for, and it keeps me on track. I know I have forgotten tons of things these last several weeks (more like last month) because I have slacked off... no more slacking!

At least I am no longer scheduling weight check visits with the doctor for the baby every 4 days! That was becoming to much; to much gas, to much time driving, to much time in the carseats (it's hard on their little bottoms), and to many missed nursing opportunities. It's about an hour drive to the doctors office for us. But she is gaining well! Yay!
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Hope ya'll had a fantastic week!

Until next time, 

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