Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Lately {week 61}

Husband and my anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks. I've been sinking the fund for this one since a little after Halloween, a little at a time) and I'm excited to get to go out on our annual date! We haven't decided where or what restaurant, but it is one of the few times we eat out at an actual sit-down, serve you food, restaurant. I'd say I look forward to a night where I don't have to cook, but it's usually a grandparent that watches the kids and they are doing such a huge favor to us by just watching the kids, I can't impose on them more and expect them to make dinner as well! 7 years married, 9 years together. It doesn't seem like it's been very long and it really hasn't. But I sure do love this man and our family we have made!
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I'm loving every minute of having a newborn again. That is aside from the hellions the other two have become! And, the cold that has plagued our house for the last week. It does make it hard for me when I'm already tired.

I am still loving the way my little guy looked in his Boys Can Wear Pink outfit! It's been several days since I took the pictures and I still am in awe. Mostly cause the colors are not me and what I usually sew with, but also because my biased self can't get over his cuteness! I'm pretty sure this picture is going to get framed and hung up. He cracks me up. 

I have been working on finishing Love Does by Bob Goff since finishing the bible study a few weeks ago, have started The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah for my local book club book for March, and little man, husband and I have started the final book of the Three Doors Trilogy: The Third Door by Emily Rodda. I at least want to finish Love does before the end of this month... 2 days is enough to finish about 40%, yeah? I have my monthly book review scheduled for tomorrow too!

I have missed reading and really enjoy it! Though it's been hard since the colds entered our house and I'm overwhelmed by all holds coming in from the library at once. 21 days is not enough time to read it all... I am still on track for 30 books this year! Seriously though, GoodReads is amazing for finding new books, and keeping track of what you are reading. Little man and I use it as a virtual bookmark. Mostly because his sister is really good at walking off with the one in his book! 

That colds would be over with. I am done with it. The baby cries and coughs, I have no energy and can't breathe, and the older two are snotting all over everything. I cannot bleach, lysol, wipe down everything enough! Actually I have done nothing of the sort. I'm waiting for it to run its course, and even then I will probably forget. The older two usually only get sick about once a year (ok at least 2 times for little lady)... So I hope that I'm still good, right?

I am feeling... Tired. Content. Loved. Blessed.
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Happy Sunday!
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