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Super Heroes and Princesses: Spring Dresses {GYCT Designs Tour}

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Welcome to my stop on the GYCT Dress Tour! Have you seen the other awesome dresses? Check out the list of previous stops (and don't forget to check out tomorrows stops as well) at the bottom of the post along with a giveaway!!

It is no secret I am a fan of GYCT Designs sewing patterns. You can check out all my GYCT posts and clothes using GYCT Designs patterns here. It has been a while since I have sewn much of anything lately and I am super excited to be driving that machine again! The bonus is that I am *finally* sewing up some dresses I have been asked for on numerous occasions!

I used 2 different patterns to create the girls 2 different dresses. 
*Supergirl Dress = Tinley Tee
*Princess Dress = Happily Ever After Dress

SuperGirl Dresses 

I made these first. 
Confession: I started the first one about a year and a half ago and never actually finished it. It's the one on the toddler. It was supposed to be her sister's so the fit isn't quite right, but she'll grow into it. It got super stretched out before I was able to attach the neckband, skirt or armbands.
The girls have worn these dresses multiple times and they have been washed multiple times before I was able to get pictures. Yay for being on top of things! Boo That the paint was starting to come off! I guess it gave my older girl something to fidget with? Ha!

Now, the Tinley Tee is not actually a dress, just a shirt. I cut it at the band line and instead of adding a band, I added a little strip and a skirt. I also added a band to the arm instead of hemming. I will do almost anything to avoid hemming. It's my dreaded sewing task! Please tell me I am not alone?

The "S" was freezer paper stenciled onto the dress. I have not jumped on the HTV bandwagon yet with a Cricut or silhouette (they are a bit pricey). This is the first time I've really had paint do this to me. But, the girls love it so no worries. They'll outplay the dress before it has a chance to come off completely I'm sure!  

For the longest time, this was the only kind of dress my oldest girl would wear. Knit, drop waist, a simple gathered skirt, no frills, no tulle. the Tinley Tee in a dress. I made so many of them. After making her this one I wondered why I stopped making her clothes. She wants to wear this dress all the time. I did end up shortening the bodice part a bit further than the band cutting line. It is a straight size 4 and for her, it was a little long. She's more in between the two sizes, but this gives her room to grow. 

The toddler's dress, since it started out intended for her older sister, was a little longer as well. But it is so funny to watch her run in it. Ok, it's just cute to watch a toddler run! And I am pretty convinced she grew some since I finished the dress! I swear it was longer on her when I finished it!

Her skirt is a bubble skirt. And I love the look of the bubble skirt! She pulls down on the yellow stripe which does not help the length of the bodice a bit. I am thinking I should shorten the top a bit so it fits her better...

I do love how these dresses turned out! 

Princess Dresses

Another long requested dress from the girl. But, being the specific thing she is it had to be a purple gown, not too long and it had to have buttons. But not any buttons. Buttons fit for a princess. And, it couldn't be too poofy. I just had to laugh at my 4-year-old.

The Happily Ever After Dress has a long skirt. As much as I wanted to see it long, I had to take it up to appease the 4-year-old and goodness if I didn't make the toddlers the same as big sister's dress it would be the end of the world! The pattern uses a zipper instead of buttons as well. Trust me. Stick with the zipper! I am not scared of zippers. I love them. In fact, I love them more than buttons! And I am not scared of buttonholes (hoorah for an automatic buttonhole foot for my machine!).

I guess the buttons don't look that bad. Buttons fit for a princess!

The front with the ribbon was fun. I winged it for placement and basted them on before sewing the sides to the front. If I were to do this again I might add loops to lace instead of straight sewing in the ribbon. 

I had fun sewing in the princess seams. It reminded me of curved piecing (like the drunkard's path blocks) for quilting. So fun.

Once I sewed up one of the princess dresses (seriously the first one took me 3 days. I kept sewing the back wrong so I kept ending up with 2 right sides. I had to walk away for a day for my tired momma brain to rest), the second took me only a matter of hours. I made sure to lay the pieces out so I didn't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Seriously. It's a great looking dress but simple to put together!

Next time I will win the zipper vs. button battle as well. Ha! I say that now...

Don't Forget! Check out the awesome dresses on the rest of the tour! And the giveaway from the awesome sponsor Sunshine Rae Fabrics!

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