Friday, March 16, 2018

Where Does the Time Go? {Welcome Back}

You know how time flies and all of a sudden a huge surge of time has passed and you don't even know what happened? These last 6 months have been super crazy! Like, seriously. I have no idea where the time went or what we honestly spent all our time doing! I mean, yeah. The oldest is in school (1st grade) and I got my middle into speech services at the preschool. Good gracious that girl needed some help. And she starts kindergarten in the fall, or rather in the summer in our case!

How has this much time passed that I have not sat down and shared anything with you? Ok. Not quite 6 months. More like 5 months. I know I did not share much with you wonderful readers in the last year though. I am hoping planning to share more with you all.  Although did you see the new Boys Can Wear Pink post? He Loves his shirt! The girls got some new dresses in the Super Heroes and Princesses GYCT Spring Dress Tour which they wear all. the. time.

But, wait? What do I have to share with you now? I know my last year was not much in the sewing and crafting world and more of the mommy stuff and then this month I have shared 2 sewing posts.  What's up with the jumping around? 

Well, I'm not entirely sure what is up with the jumping around. It's just the way my life goes, especially with kids. So much jumping around. So much growth. So much change. Life is change. Life is growth. And man has so much happened in the last 5-6 months! Yet it almost feels like nothing much has. Isn't it kind of funny how it feels that way? It's like I can't keep up with how fast time is passing us by. I have not taken much time to sew. I have not taken much time to craft. I miss it. Motherhood has me by the horns for sure. I am jumping with the throws motherhood sends my way. 

I originally started this blog for the purpose of keeping up with family. I added in sewing and craft stuff after a couple years and then the shift occurred to where it was pretty much just sewing and craft stuff.  I plan to work on integrating it all together. There will be some motherhood stuff, some self-care, sewing for the kids, taking care of the family, some general trying to figure-things-out kind of posts, and quite possibly a little bit of God thrown in. But I will tell you now, it's not going to be perfect. I am not perfect. None of us are, really. I am still trying to figure out how to jump through some of life's hoops (and how to avoid some entirely). 

Welcome {back} to the journey of our lives. 

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