Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Months...

my feet look so old!
Man how time flies by! Which puts the Keith Urban song in my head! Makes it difficult to think...

Anyhow.... We had the doctors appointment yesterday and Nikolai is not at 14 pounds yet. But the doctor is satisfied with his growth and happy about his development (not like I thought it was a problem). But no worries! We do not have to supplement, which was what I didn't want to have to do. Mommy's milk is so much better than formula. And to add to it, some formula has been recalled! Why would we want to even chance that?

I guess, as much as I didn't want to admit it, I was totally stressing about Nikolai's weight. Not so much because I was concerned he didn't weigh enough, but because I didn't want to doctor to feel concerned. I did not want to supplement. Not that it is absolutely horrid, sometimes I can see a necessity. As long as one still makes there own attempt to breast feed. I know there are situations where sometimes, a woman has not produced milk. But those curcumstances are completely different. I can produce, I was just hoping it was enough.

My stress multiplied with Nikolai's 'not eating' phases! You cannot feed a baby that has no interest in eating, and Nikolai's disinterest was because (1) he wanted to sleep, (2) he was extremely distractable, and (3) he would rather play. This made me frustrated! Thinking, "he is not going to gain enough and I am going to have to supplement! All because he wants to do something else!"

Then I go to the doctor, nervous as all getup, and he gained 1 lb and 1 oz, 13 pounds and 9 ounces is what he ways. I was surprised it wasn't more, it sure felt like more. But as long as the doctor is happy (he is still gaining, which was the reason for the visit), then my stress has been relieved! And, apparently is 'not eating' phases are completely normal! My asking the doctor about them made him laugh! Well, chuckle anyway. I guess he gets asked that alot.

About Solids:

We are not starting until he is 6 months because of potential risk to developing food allergies if you start sooner than that. Nikolai's extreme interest in food (he will mimic you while you eat and try to grab your food/beverage in the process) is very good, but does not mean that he is ready.

Yeah, I am getting anxious to start feeding him. I want him to try everything from starfruit to brussel sprouts. I cannot wait to see what he likes and doesn't like (after, like, a million trys of course)! And, I cannot wait to make and prepare all those things he is going to try! It'll be so fun exploring food, maybe I will discover something new that I like too! It's just so exciting! But, despite this, I am willing to wait one more month. I can wait one more month...

In Developmental News:

Nikolai can pull himself from a sitting position to standing, though he cannot completely sit unsupported yet. He is a little wobbly standing also, but really seems to enjoy himself! He is so alert it is crazy, and will watch the cat like a hawk with extreme interest! He stays awake much longer during the day, and is more demanding in his activities. If it's not to play with you, it's to talk to you. If it's not to talk to you, then you must watch him. He is attempting to crawl with little success, but can scoot backwards. I cannot leave him alone for a second or else he will probably end up in a completely different room from scooting and rolling over!

He wants to be mobile so badly! He gets frustrated and will make his "velociraptor" noises (or so Bekah calls them). It's this funny sounding grunt thing, it's hard not to laugh at!