Sunday, January 20, 2013


41 inches! That is the circumference around my stomach at this point in time, with a quick measurement. Is that fast? I have no idea...
And... 31 days until we go into the doctors office to see our little peanut through that wonderful ultrasound wand and up on the TV! :) So excited! :)
I have since (like, in the last week) really picked up on baby's movements! I felt the gas-like sensation two weeks ago but wasn't counting that until I felt the butterfly tickles. Well, since then this little one has just wiggled and wiggled!
I have decided that loud noises startle peanut. Nikolai cried (like scream cried) the other day and peanut would not stop fidgeting until he left the room. Today after lunch the kids were playing and Brooke did a loud screech and that caused peanut to fidget even more!
Brandon talks to peanut every night and it seemed that tonight the little one moved to the side where Brandon was talking. :) Too bad the movements aren't strong enough for him to feel, but he can put his ear to my belly and hear the heartbeat. So I guess for now we are even. :)
I have a project that I need to start. :) Yay! Pictures will be posted later though. :(
Packing needs to commence, Brandon finally cleaned the cat box so I could continue working the office/cat room/craft room. He decided that if I were going to be in there packing that I might as well clean up the poop. Just as long as I am not digging in the little box. I may have to research that. He offered to pack up the stuff for me, but I don't know if I am willing to allow him to take over that. Random stuff is going to go into boxes and I don't want to have to sort through it later. Of course, I should have taken him up on that offer.
I have managed 3 boxes this weekend. 2 of which where my sewing machine and cricut. I feel slightly saddened that they are officially packed; but I am excited to think that once all is said and done and the keys are in our hands, we will have a craft room. Just a craft room. No sharing slash room. A room for crafting. How nice? At least for now, that is the plan. Things can always change.
Tomorrow I think I may brave the play-dough Nikolai got from the Cicchini's for his birthday. He has been eyeing it up on the dinning table. We can play together. Besides, it is really good for fine motor skill development anyway... I am just scared of the mess! Good thing tomorrow is a bath night! :)