Friday, January 4, 2013

Energy is Back?

I am so excited! It started yesterday. I do not feel nearly as tired as I have been! A sign that I am getting over this silly cold? Or is it because I have exited the first trimester? (Missed the news, check out our announcement pics here) Maybe both? But I have been really stressed because of moving (our closing date was moved back to the end of the month) and the mess that this house became after me being sick for the last 3 weeks and the holidays. A lot of sites have been calling this month Organizing Month, so I am going with that thought for today.

I have been looking for ideas on organizing for the house on pinterest for a while and have recently given up since the bank approved the contract for the house we are trying to buy. I need to see where things are going in the new house. I have ideas, but will wait a bit. I still to organize more than just the stuff in the house though.
I was going over bills the other day and realized how much we had been eating out these last few months. Eeek, I said that right, months. It is amazing the amount of money that goes down the drain when you eat out at fast food and restaurants. Granted, Brandon was a non believer of this and thought that it is not as expensive or just as expensive to make dinner at home. I am not sure about that now, but based on a conversation over the cost of dinner last night I am not so sure. As I was looking on pinterest and saw a DIY wallet for a cash envelope system from Imperfect Homemaking and thought it was so cool.
I showed it to Brandon and he asked if I could make him a wallet too, just a little simpler. So I decided to write it down on a to do list for the month. I found free printable calendars on The Organized Housewife. She also has a planner, but you have to pay for it. So I used it as an example and made my own more to what I need.
I made a to do list for the month on the calendar and then made the to do list for the day on my planner page. I am usually good with intentions, but it doesn't usually get me very far. I woke up pretty early this morning. Well, earlier than I normally do. I figured since Nikolai wasn't awake yet, that would be perfect timing to start my list.
I managed to get started for the idea behind the wallet for the cash system. I went through 3 months of statements, categorized the bulk of our purchases, and averaged out how much we spent in those 3 months. Since that is the simple point to the envelope system, I figure that was a good start before making the wallets. I need zippers for mine though. Eek, spending? maybe I can incorporate that into the crafting budget? :) 
I knocked another one off my list too. I managed to pack 3.5 diaper boxes of books. I think that is a good box size for books. I can lift the boxes, so that works! Granted since then I haven't done much. But that is because Nikolai needed to some time with mommy. :)
I am so excited because I have not felt like I have had this much energy to do anything in a while! It will last me a few days and then school will start and use it all up again. :) But at least that is more than I had before! :) Maybe I may need to take a nap with Nikolai, but I am feeling pretty good right now. :) It's not even lunch time yet!