Sunday, January 6, 2013

A 13 Week Belly!

Well, this is more just a 'for fun' post.... And a little more... :)

I was thinking about it last night and by this point in my pregnancy with Nikolai I was pretty darn sure that he was going to be a boy. Yeah, I was right; but there is only a 50% chance of being right. Odds aren't that bad.
Well, with this one I have not the slightest inkling of what the gender of this baby is going to be. I want it to be a girl. The best of both worlds. But in all reality, I just want a healthy, happy baby with an over-all disposition like Nikolai's. Easy going, happy, nice... But isn't that what we all want: happy, nice, and easy going?
So I have made a poll. Vote for what you think this baby will be. Will this baby be wrapped in a blue blanket (boy) or will this baby be wrapped in a pink blanket (girl)?
You can see the ultrasound picture here in this post and the announcement pictures here in this post.
And, here is our first profile picture! Belly! Actually, it is mostly my belly and not so much baby, but there is no way I can bring that stomach in anymore than it already is! I am looking preggo and I am feeling preggo! :)

Feeling Preggo... Which reminds me!! :)

It started yesterday as I was making the thank you cards for Nikolai's birthday party. It felt like baby shifted either from the front to the back or visa-versa. :)  I remember feeling the same strange sensation with Nikolai when we were hiking up near Peppersauce Caverns. It is wierd, like when you drive over a dip really fast in the car. But instead of your stomach going up and down, it goes front to back. Wierd! I am not saying this is feeling baby move because it isn't so much that as... feeling a shifting change or something. Perhaps I shall feel baby move soon! :)