Friday, January 11, 2013

Good News; Conundrum

Yesterday I had my 14 week prenatal check-up. I was talking with the lady at the front desk thinking how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. February 20th we can find out the gender of the baby! :) I am so excited! With Nikolai I was in the doctors office almost every week for the first few months, and with this one I have only been in 3 times! It is amazing the difference! But it is a relief at the same time, everything is healthy and looking good! And, in case you missed the last post, you can check out my preggo belly here.

And that is right! We go in for the second ultrasound to determine the gender on the 20th of February, the day before we go on Rodeo Break! I am hoping for a girl, and still haven't the slightest idea of what this baby is going to be.
So... The poll I have on the right side-bar (please vote if you haven't done so already) is going to close on the 19th of February. It gives you time and there will be more belly pictures to pop-up before then. But don't forget to vote! :)
Now, my second conundrum: to have a gender reveal party...
I think it would be awesomely fun to have a gender reveal part. When my friend Cheryl and her husband at Our Precious Preston had their Gender Reveal Party, it was amazing! Being able to share finding out the gender of the baby while being surrounded by loved ones, there were no words to explain it. The anticipation of everyone could be felt in the room, the cheers and excitement was exclaimed by all. I even cried! I think almost everyone cried!
I don't know if I am going to have the energy or the time to organize one. I don't even know if we would be in our new home or if that is going to cave. Our closing date is the 31st now. I am going to have to unpack and organize and clean... Then there is cooking and preparing, decorating, so much else. I don't know if I should do it. With work I have 2 IEPS around that week, training the week before. Then there is the issue of the cake. Who would make it? how much would it cost? So much to think about...

What are your ideas? Is it worth it, the gender reveal party?

Any way...

Here is something I walked away from the doctor with yesterday... A video of the baby's heart beat! You can here both the baby's and mine! So cool! Don't mind the belly... And you may need to turn up the volume. :)

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