Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet: Animal Bath Mitts

Isn't pinterest great? I found this cute project and thought that I just had to do it for my friend's baby shower! I made one for my son first to see if it was even worth it and he loves it! I may need to make the other animals for him!

the three animalsAnd now that the baby shower has gone and past and she has received her gift, I can show this to you all! I have been wanting too but had to wait just in case my friend saw this post! :) Here is the website with the pattern. Cleaning Mitt  You will have to travel through ravelry and navigate to the scrubber, dishcloths to get to the pattern, but they are super cute!
* update, the pattern is still available through Pierrot Yarns, but you have to navigate through the menu. Click here to get to their website. Do to ethics, I will not provide a direct link to their PDF version. *

I added an extra 5 rows to the bottom of the mitt to make it long enough for an adults hand. That's fine though. For us, Nikolai wants it on our hands most of the time anyway. I hope that is ok for my friend and her little one!

I also added an extra 2 rows before the decreasing rows at the top of the mit.
For the hands/finger spaces on the side I did the 3 rows, then did sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, etc. instead... That gave me an extra row for the "hands".

I think I may want to make more, but maybe try to do bunny ears? I am not sure and I think it may be a while before I crochet something else. My hooks and yarn are at the new house and we are not all moved over yet. Just waiting on the refrigerator so we can feel like we can move everything over.

But I just had so much fun with these mitts. They were just too cute!