Friday, February 1, 2013

Partial Relief

We signed the documents for our house yesterday! Granted yes, we were supposed to close the 31st, but at least it is still getting done! I am so excited! We should close and get the keys by the 5th!
Our realtor and loan consultant surprised both of us! They both had gotten us a 'congratulations on your first house' gifts. Our realtor got us some gardening tools and seeds. We had talked about starting a garden out there. It will take me some practice as I have a tendency to kill plants. Our loan consultant got us a gift card. We can use it toward something in the house. It was such a nice surprise!
It was such a stressful week this week, I think it makes the signing all the more of a relief. The packing had become a tedious task, I felt that it was something we were doing for no specific reason. The closing date kept getting pushed back and pushed back, it felt like it never was going to happen. But the only thing now is the sellers and whether or not they will have a quick return with them signing the documents.
The signing of the documents only provided partial relief because we are still waiting for the sellers to finish their part and return the pages quickly. Then there is moving, and I am a little stressed out because I am not going to be able to do too much with lifting boxes and moving boxes... I can maybe start unpacking when Brandon is unloading... But at least it is almost here! :) Perhaps we can enlist some friends to help? I can delegate pretty well ;)
To add to the excitement, Nikolai has mentioned going over to the 'new house'. He really likes it over there. He can open the doors and close the doors. He loves running from room to room. He also enjoys running around outside (it has a gated yard behind the house). Not to mention the chicken coop! He seemed really excited when we told him that funny place was for chickens to live. He would not stop talking about that for a while once that was mentioned. I hope he enjoys it when it is full of our stuff!
I am excited. Our first house.

I haven't linked up at Felicity Quilts in a while, so I am going to do so today! Happy Friday, don't forget to find things that make you happy every day! :)