Sunday, April 28, 2013

Robot Baby Quilt

Fabric SelectionI was in need to start and finish something creative, and what better way to do that than with a deadline? We had our baby shower that the wonderful people from work through for us, and this was the perfect opportunity! So last friday I set out to buy some fabric, and did so with Little Man. He was so willing to help pick out fabric! He kept pointing to different ones and calling them by color (though mostly got them wrong) and the ones he decided were going into the card were the ones we kept. I will say that he was selective! He did say "no, put back" to several different bolts that I picked out. Apparently they weren't good enough! LOL... But I think the final selection that we had worked out wonderfully! :)

How many times have I said how much I love pinterest? Too many? Well, I must say it again! Because this lovely blanket was inspired by Gypsy's Nook: Baby Quilts and was so excited to do something so simple, yet so adorable!
I ended up cutting the squares at 6"x6" so they were 5.5"x5.5" finished. But the binding was about an inch. The finished size was about 40.5"x40.5" and I don't think that is too bad a size for a baby quilt. Nikolai loved it!

I had been looking into a way to create a chevron blanket without really doing a chevron block, and this quilting was perfect! :)  I used my regualr foot (I don't have a walking foot) and sewed one inch from the seam lines. Not to mention the fuzzy minky on the back is perfect for any little one (Nikolai still loves his fuzzy blanket!)

I also took the backing, cut it at 2.5" past the edge of the top and used that as the binding. I was scared about the mittered corners, but they turned out pretty awesome too!

 Here is to my first completed Quilt for this year! Hurrah!