Sunday, June 2, 2013


We have a name for Baby Girl!!!

Samara Elin

I like it!

It is pronounced suh-mahr-uh  ee-lynn

Girls names are so hard! None of them were good enough for picky Brandon, not that I mind him being picky! If it were left to me it would be some generic name, or something like Daphne (I still like that name).
We kept defaulting back to the name picked out for if Nikolai would have been a girl, Katerina Loryn, but neither of us were very satisfied with it. So then bounced around Natalia, Morrigan, and a few others... But still weren't entirely satisfied...
My brother, Ryan, had suggested the name Elin. We both liked it! But didn't want people to confuse it with the name Ellen (not the same)... I think we knew that we wanted this name, but wasn't ready to settle with it until we had it's pair, whether it be first or middle.
For Christmas Brandon got a book called Whatchamacallit by Danny Dazige and decided that it would be interesting to look through for ideas and that was when he came across Samara. It is the fruit from an Elm or Ash tree and the seed. He thought it was pretty. I was not entirely convinced.
At that time I was looking up lists of names on my phone and then came across Samara again! I thought it was funny, said it to Brandon, who then responded with the middle name. It  just kind of stuck for a little bit. We played with the idea and then started sharing it with others to hear their opinion.
It has stuck the longest and we both really like it!