Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Days till the Due Date!

Today we have 10 days to go till the due date given by my doctor. We were hoping that Nikolai would come by the 9th rather than the 16th, but at this point I do not think that it is going to happen. Although, Braxton Hicks can become painfully uncomfortable? I was not aware of that. Hmm, and tomorrow I go in to the doctor to check for dilation, effacement and station. We will see tomorrow the progress that is being made. Granted, I do and do not want to know. I want to be excited that there is progress, but if there is not, then I don't want to know.

10 days! I am so excited and keeping my fingers crossed that it happens sooner than 10 days from now! I want to be able to give Nikolai to Brandon to hold for a while! Hahah, I have been able to hold him 24/7, I think it is about time Brandon gets a turn! :)

And Braxton Hicks can become painful? Well, not necessarily painful but uncomfortable with cramp like feelings. They are becoming stronger! Yay! Labor is getting closer! Started on Saturday, for a little more than 2 hours they were coming about every 20-30 minutes! Course then a migraine had to go and start up! We were at Guillermo's for dinner and I couldn't even read the menu! Thankfully I haven't needed to take Tylenol in a long while. So when Brandon returned from a quick run to the store, the quick release extra strength went into effect pretty quickly! Normally I need Excedrin. But, the last time I had a migraine, it was before Brandon and I were married. I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy dinner, though sad that after that the contractions kinda went away.

Yesterday they were still coming, just not as frequently. And with a pressure. I don't really know how to explain it, but I figure it is from Nikolai bearing down, or moving into a lower station. At least I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is the case. But, I guess I will find out tomorrow?  We have been spending time going to the store (to Christmas shop) and to walk around. Hopefully it will help out with getting Nikolai to come soon! Sunday, at Wal-Mart, I nearly needed a cart to hold on to because it was a little difficult to stand by myself.

Here is to hoping all these things are a good sign that Nikolai will arrive at least before the 16th, if not by the 9th...