Thursday, December 9, 2010

39 Weeks = 7 days left!!!

Now that the 9th is here and not much progression has been taking place, I am assuming he may come closer to the 16th if not later. :(

But we are still within the 40 weeks as of right now. Only 7 days left! How exciting, and craziness! Can I say super nesting phase? If only it lasted a little longer!

Yesterday I had energy! That is totally nice for a change. I managed to do several loads of laundry; load, wash and unload the dish washer, and clean off the counters in the kitchen. Granted it didn't really seem that much, but it took most of the day to do. I even scrubbed the stove a little bit!

I guess those energy spurts were a good thing because we needed (severely) to clean out Al's tank (our Oscar Cichlid in a 55 gallon). Only I feel a little sad because we lost a Jack Dempsey yesterday. I think we should have cleaned the tank sooner. Maybe, with the energy I have today I can clean Dino's small tank (a dinosaur bichir in 20 gallons, the gravel needs to be vacuumed so badly!) I have already made some peanut butter cookies (the betty crocker pouch kind) and they were yummy. It is hard to refrain from eating them! But it might be better to do something productive...

I am getting more contractions in a day! Yay! But they are tiring! Today I have already had one nap, and I feel I need another! I am trying to do more squats to help open the cervix, maybe that will get him engaged and bring on more contractions? But this morning I felt a little nausea and I am hoping that is a good thing (a sign of oncoming labor?). Who knows, what I have read states that it may be a sign. I feel better now, hmm....

Hopefully this countdown goes by quickly and does not enter negative numbers! Then we will have a baby boy in our arms rather than in my belly by the end of the week!  Keeping my fingers crossed that labor comes quickly and soon!