Monday, December 20, 2010

Entering Negative Numbers

Well, so much for not wanting that! Tuesday and Wednesday were looking so promising for labor to come through by the end of the week. And now, here we are on a Monday with contractions having slowed significantly, no cervical change, and the Doctor wanting to induce on Wednesday. Yup, induction. What we did not want to happen at all! I am just trying to feel better, I couldn't have changed this situation. I want to fight it, but I am so tired from just this week, I don't really feel like fighting.

I spent most, if not all of this last week walking. If I wasn't walking, then I was spending time standing. I avoided sitting down at all costs in hopes that labor would progress. But No! Instead, it started to slow down, back to Braxton Hicks like contractions. No pain, no nothing except for the tightness of the abdomen and that was it. Sure there were moments where I got them 7-8 minutes apart for 45 minutes, only for them to drop off and I would only get them once an hour or two. It got to the point where even walking wasn't bringing them on. 

And to add to it, because Nikolai was projected around 7lbs 3oz when I went in for the external cephalic version, they don't want to wait any longer because of him being big. No estimations of size, just a guess using the last estimate, external palpations and just looking at the size of my belly. They already said he had a big head when they did the last ultrasound.  

I should have asked for them to just monitor. Non-stress tests and so forth. But, my blood pressure was high. At least higher than it normally is. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that has anything to do with their decision. The nurse at least was concerned with my blood pressure, the doctor was not quite so much concerned (maybe not a huge difference from my blood pressure during the first trimester?). And I have continued to gain weight. I haven't lost any, as some say is normal for this point in the pregnancy. Instead I have gained. Ugh! I wish I could have thought of this when I went in rather than now! I would have asked for them to just monitor Nikolai and I! Too bad Brandon wasn't there with me. He may have had more a level head than myself!

So, at this point I am feeling a little stressed out. Not to mention let down! I wanted it to be natural, normal and without any medical intervention. I understand that there was always a possibility of needing medical intervention, but at least some explanation other than it being 41 weeks and Nikolai's size would be nice. Now, I just want to go lie down and take a nap. Annoying pregnancy hormones are getting in the way of thinking clearly.